Ode to Warhol

The Ode to Warhol series is inspired by Andy Warhol’s Campbell's Soup Cans. Being Latina most of our canned products came from local grocery stores in neighborhoods that were predominately Latino. The grocery stores carried products that were Spanish brands that were often bought by the Latino neighborhood and used in the kitchen regularly. Growing up my mother and I would go daily to the grocery store to pick up fresh food to cook for an entire family, these products were typically Spanish brands. In this project I wanted to glorify the significance these products have on my life and the life of many Latinos. As I would go to the grocery store with my mom I began photographing each aisle that was filled with these brands in every store I could. Every time I was in these grocery stores and saw these brands on the shelves I can smell my mom's cooking which always reminds me of home and our culture.